Sr. Falah-Cohen con una de sus Apliques Bordados Judaicos Bordados Judaicos
Manteles Manteles


Manager: Victor Cohen Falah
Phone Number: 00 54 11 4784-9566
Celular phone: 5802-2700

Web Page:

Manager for exporting:
Anny Smirnoff
Phone number: 067-840324 (Israel)

The firm "Richardtoll" has been established 30 years ago, working for the argentinian market, producing textile products with an important trajectory in manufacturing textile garments and products.

* Quality of their products.
* Exclusive designs.
* Aplications made in their products.
* Easy washing, it no requires ironing.
* All sizes and colours.
* Bed clothes (3 pieces).
* Covers, waddings and blankets.
* Table clothes, anti-stains.
* Judaic articles (Jala's covers, table clothes for Shabat)